Terms and Conditions

  • We have some terms and conditions for availing any service from ChobirKobi – ছবিরকবি please know all those terms and conditions and confirm the booking of any package and service only after accepting them.

Booking Details

  • To confirm the booking of any package, including photography and cinematography services from Photokabi, please contact us directly via phone or Facebook for detailed package information and other pertinent details.
  • To secure a booking, a 10% deposit is required. The remaining 90% of the payment must be made in full prior to your scheduled event date.
  • Please note, in the event of a date change due to personal or non-urgent reasons, the initial 10% deposit is non-refundable. Additionally, any subsequent disputes or complaints regarding the booking will not be entertained.

Uploading photos and videos

  • Photographers may use any images and videos captured for branding or promotional purposes across various platforms. Clients with privacy concerns or specific restrictions on the use of their images must inform us prior to confirming their package booking.

File Handover

  • Within 7 days following the event, the photographer will edit a selection of files for the client’s family and friends to view or upload. The complete event album will be delivered within 2 months. We provide the entire event file – with lifetime access via Google Drive. Additionally, clients may choose to transfer the files to their own pen drive or portable storage device. In the event that files are deleted or lost, clients can contact us with their booking details to retrieve the files again from ChobirKobi – ছবিরকবি.

Our Team

  • Our team members are highly competent, flexible, and respectful towards clients, their families, and all participants, consistently demonstrating utmost elegance in all situations. It is imperative that photographers maintain elegant and respectful interactions with all team members, clients, family, and friends. Any form of disrespectful behavior will result in the immediate suspension of the event by the Photokabi team.
  • We kindly request that clients cooperate fully with our team to ensure the event is covered in the best possible way.